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Cupcake Nation Signature Buttercream is silky smooth eggless buttercream with half the amount of sugar than american buttercream. Inspired from American buttercream, CCN Buttercream it is not gritty and overly sweet. Perfectly stable at room temp up to 28°C to 30°C  and works wonderfully even on cakes. Silky smooth making it possible to pipe like a dream.

I created this buttercream recipe for my customers only because I did not want to serve them the typical very sweet american buttercream, egg buttercream or was I willing to compromise using whipped cream on my cakes & cupcakes.

This course also includes cupcake sponge recipes which are perfect for baking beginners.

Please Note:  The eggless cupcake sponge recipes given in this course are simple and perfect for beginners. They are perfect for moist and soft cupcakes. Although we have mentioned in the course how to convert them to cakes, we do not recommend to use them for tall or tiered cakes. These recipes are too soft for cakes. Kindly note this course focuses on cupcakes & CCN buttercream. Apart from what we have explained in the course no after support will be provided for converting the sponge recipes to cake.  

Type of course

Video + Text + PDF

This course includes

  • 5 Eggless Sponge Recipes

  • 5 Eggless Frosting Recipes

  • Free Access to Baking Lab

  • Instant Support on multiple platforms

You will Learn

To bake the perfect moist Eggless cupcakes

This will include video parts on fundamentals of eggless baking. Step wise procedural of baking a single batch of chocolate cupcakes.
To bake the perfect moist Eggless cupcakes

4 Bonus cupcake flavours: Red velvet, Vanilla, Oreo & Lemon Blueberry are included in text form

To make the CCN Signature Eggless Buttercream recipe

This module will includes demo videos on how to make Cupcake Nation Signature Chocolate Buttercream & Cream Cheese Frosting.
To make the CCN Signature Eggless Buttercream recipe

Plus 3 extra recipes for colored vanilla buttercream, oreo buttercream and lemon buttercream in text form. 

How to frost cupcakes perfectly

Here you will earn how to color the white buttercream and some of my favorite pipping styles and nozzles.
How to frost cupcakes perfectly
  • 11 Video Lessons

    Learn at your own pace with a series of small pre-recorded videos. Pause, replay rewind anytime you want.

  • Text Lessons

    Text lessons explaining all the extra information, solving your most common question for that particular lesson.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show Content
    • How to navigate this course.
    • Ingredients and Tools List - From where you can buy them ( Updated )
    • Recipe Booklet
    • Storage & Shelf Life ( New Lesson )
  • 02
    Welcome to the Eggless Cupcake & Buttercream Essential Course
    Show Content
    • A message from the instructor
    • Getting Help + Facebook Group !
    • Getting Help + Facebook Group !
  • 03
    Coverting cupcake recipes to cake ( New Chapter )
    Show Content
    • Converting cupcake recipes to cakes
  • 04
    Trouble Shooting Guide
    Show Content
    • Trouble Shooting Document
  • 05
    Baking the Cupcakes
    Show Content
    • Understanding Science behind eggless baking.
    • Understanding Science behind eggless baking ( Extra Theory )
    • How to experiment with these recipes
    • Measuring the Ingredients
    • Measuring the Ingredients ( Extra Information )
    • Mixing and baking
    • Mixing and baking ( Extra Information )
    • Understanding Oven & Microwave Temperatures
  • 06
    Making Cupcake Nation Signature Buttercream
    Show Content
    • Understanding the Buttercream & Ingredients
    • Understanding the Buttercream & Ingredients ( Extra Theory )
    • Mixing the butter correctly
    • Mixing the butter correctly ( Extra Information )
    • Adding the icing sugar + Chocolate
    • Adding the icing sugar + Chocolate ( Extra Information )
    • Coloring the Vanilla Buttercream
  • 07
    Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting ( New Chapter)
    Show Content
    • Baking Red Velvet Cupcakes
    • Making cream cheese frosting
    • Adding Cream Cheese ( Extra Information )
  • 08
    Frosting the Cupcakes
    Show Content
    • Make your buttercream piping ready
    • Filling the piping bag ( New Lesson )
    • Understanding nozzles & few pipping techniques

All the recipes can be easily converted to cake recipes. 

This course is pretty easy to navigate & will have 3 modules. Each module consists of small video lessons which makes it easy to navigate. All recipes, ingredients, tools & utensil lists & guides and step-by-step procedures will included in pdf guides to download.

At the end of the course there will be a troubleshoot and FAQ section for all your common questions.


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  • How is this course delivered?

    Once you signup and buy this course, it will be available in on the website in your account dashboard. It will be delivered via a series of small videos, text and pdf's. You can control how many ever times you want to play/study it. You cannot download the course videos.

  • Is it a live video or course?

    No It will be series of pre-recorded videos or lesson along with supporting text. You pause, play, rewind, replay anytime you want.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    All sales are final and non-refundable in case of any circumstances.

  • Where can I ask my doubts regarding the recipes or procedure?

    I have dedicated a separate section on how to get help in this course.